Delft, The Netherlands, 25 May 2020

The Water We Want - UNESCO-IHP’s Global Network of Water Museums

‘’The Water We Want’’ youth contest has been launched by UNESCO-IHP’s Global Network of Water Museums to explore our rich and multifaceted water heritage from the perspective of young people. It delivers messages that communicate the importance to promote a new water culture and more sustainable water use on a global scale.

The opening of the WWW Exhibition is planned to be made simultaneously in Europe and China with the official launch of the exhibition in June. Special footage presenting core messages of the youth in times of COVID-19, will be launched on 27 May 2020 during the Symposium on Capacity Development organised by IHE Delft, with the support of the Netherlands IHP-HWRP Committee.

 If you are interested to know the competition winners, you can find them hereAll drawings, photos and videos will be available from early June through a dedicated platform.


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