Work of IHE Delft in Jordan presented to Dutch and Jordanian royal families

On Wednesday 21st March, Johan Aad van Dijk, Business Director of IHE Delft was invited to attend an official working lunch at the House of Dutch Parliament in the presence of Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander, King Abdullah, Queens Máxima and Rania, Prime Minister Rutte and other dignitaries.

After a welcome by the Prime Minister, the theme ‘Water, Energy and Food Security’ was introduced by the Ministers Van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management), Kaag (Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) and Schouten (Agriculture, Nature Food Quality).

Each theme was explained further with reference to the Dutch contribution on the ground. Johan Aad van Dijk was given the opportunity to present IHE Delft’s past and ongoing activities in the country under the theme of water.

In addition to some 200 registered alumni from Jordan, IHE Delft is connected through the following projects to the local water sector:

  • Water Cooperation and Water Diplomacy involving various geographical scale levels from local to transboundary. Learning about the complexity of the water system, how to secure cooperation and prevent conflict, effective approaches for conflict mediation, negotiation, resolution
  • Water Accounting as a proven technique linking satellite imagery information with the hydrological processes on the ground in support of applications for example to develop policy scenarios or monitor SDG achievements
  • Waste water treatment and reuse: research, education, training for operation and maintenance, optimization processes and applications in the field involving staff in knowledge institutes, utilities and treatment plants utilities
  • More efficient processes in water treatment and use, including arsenic and iron removal from groundwater, desalinization of brackish groundwater, ground water recharge from spate flows
  • Strengthening the Marine Science Centre in water quality assessments for sea water desalination.


A link to the royal website, with a photo of the lunch (under woensdag 21 maart) can be found here


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