Delft, The Netherlands, 02 Feb 2022

World Wetlands Day: IHE Delft calls for evidence-based management

The world’s wetlands are key to the health of the planet, animals, plants and humans – and they are highly vulnerable to human activities and the effects of climate change. On World Wetlands Day, IHE Delft experts call for greater attention to wetland management based on evidence.

World Wetland Day, which falls on the anniversary of the 1971 adoption of the Convention on Wetlands, is recognized for the first time this year as a United Nations international day.

IHE Delft research on wetlands provide evidence that support smart and sustainable wetlands management, said Ken Irvine, IHE Delft Professor of Aquatic Ecosystems.

“Wetlands are a global resource under continuing decline. They are of vital importance for supporting livelihoods, storing carbon and a diverse and often threatened wildlife. To ensure that these crucial resources aren’t further lost, good management is needed,” he said. “Scientific evidence is essential to avoid scrambling in the dark for solutions.”

Recent IHE Delft contributions to the field include:

Global evidence for wetland conservation action is collated in a database created by the University of Cambridge’s Conservation Evidence team.


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