Nguyen Thu Ha

I believe that IHE Delft is one of the best institutes in the field of water management.

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Why did you pick IHE Delft for your studies?
I first came to know about the Netherlands and its famous water management when I was a bachelor student. I was deeply impressed by the symbols of the windmills draining water from the delta and the story about a little Dutch boy who saved Holland from the sea water. Later, I had a great opportunity to participate in an online short course about climate change adaptation provided by IHE Delft. Their professionalism in organizing the course, providing comprehensive knowledge, and giving feedback entirely convinced me and engaged my interest in finding ways to study in IHE Delft.

So far what have been the highlights of your study?
Studying at IHE Delft is really a big challenge with many assignments, reading documents, and frequent examinations. However, this helps students progressing very quickly. We can obtain lots of new knowledge and experience about water resources and related social science, and develop different skills such as writing, presentation and group work in a short time. Besides, we have many field trips which allow us to experience real water management practices and history.

What is it like to live in Delft? Do you like the atmosphere?
I came from a very crowded city in the South of Vietnam, but Delft is very quiet and peaceful. Then I felt a bit lonely here at first. But later, I realized that this environment is very suitable for studying. I have many close friends now from different countries who share challenges in studying and daily life. Besides, we also enjoy roaming around Delft by bikes or travelling together to many famous touristic places in Europe. One and a half years become very short, just like a nice dream!

Do you know what you will be doing afterwards?
After graduation, I want to apply the obtained knowledge from the course into my real work. I believe that methods and tools in analysing, evaluating, approaching, and decision making in integrated water resources management will help a lot in my work in water resources planning. Moreover, I hope that us students will not only study and have good memories together but also can be working partners in the future.

Would you recommend IHE Delft to prospective students?
I did and I will. I believe that IHE Delft is one of the best institutes in the field of water management. Students always have chances to learn from and discuss with great lecturers in the Institute as well as many guess lecturers from famous international universities.


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