Omar Abdeldayem

PhD Candidate


Omar joined IHE Delft as a PhD candidate in June 2021 at the Pollution Prevention and Resource Recovery Group. His research focuses on the valorization of agricultural wastes in the African context using Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) technology.

Omar studied his Bachelor’s in Environmental Engineering at Zewail City of Science and Technology in Egypt. Following the Bachelor’s, Omar received the prestigious Erasmus Mundus fellowship to conduct his International Master of Environmental Technology and Engineering at 3 European universities, UCT Prague (Czech Republic), IHE Delft (Netherlands), and Ghent University (Belgium), which was culminated with academic distinction.

During his past professional experience, Omar was engaged in different projects nationally and internationally in the sectors of waste valorization, waste management, water treatment, and sanitation in developing countries, such as Jordan, Kenya, Vietnam, Turkey as well as his native country Egypt. His previous professional experience lies within different entities such as International NGOs, service providers, utilities, research institutes, environmental consultancies, private companies, and governmental institutes. By virtue of his interdisciplinary academic background and research exposure, Omar acquired hands-on research experience in different research fields such as valorization of wastes, water and wastewater treatment, and hydraulic modeling.


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