Online Course on Faecal Sludge Management

The objective of the course is to gain an understanding of all of the required aspects for the design and operation of a comprehensive faecal sludge management (FSM) system. 

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The course is designed for professionals who deal with planning, promoting, designing, operating or managing faecal sludge for residents in urban, peri-urban, slum or rural areas, in low income countries and beyond. A solid foundation in physics and chemistry is essential to follow this course; a good understanding of wastewater and its (biological) treatment will strongly support the understanding of the Module.

Dates, Fee, ECTS

Start: 09 January 2023
End: 12 May 2023
Deadline IHE application: 01 January 2023 - 23.59 (CET)
Course fee: € 1065

VAT is not included in the course fee

Course structure

Course Program

Sub-course 1: Introduction to Faecal Sludge Management
Unit 1.1: General Introduction to Faecal Sludge Management
Unit 1.2: Introduction to the Course on Faecal Sludge Management

Sub-course 2: Technological Fundaments of Faecal Sludge Management
Unit 2.1: Characterisation of Faecal Sludge
Unit 2.2: Treatment Mechanisms

Sub-course 3: Collection and Transport of Faecal Sludge
Unit 3.1: Methods and Means of Transport 

Sub-course 4: Faecal Sludge Treatment Technologies
Unit 4.1: Overview of Technologies for Faecal Sludge Treatment
Unit 4.2: Settling-Thickening
Unit 4.3: Drying Beds
Unit 4.4: Co-Treatment with Faecal Sludge
Unit 4.5: Enduse of Treatment Products

Sub-course 5: Management in Faecal Sludge Management
Unit 5.1: Operation and Maintenance
Unit 5.2: Institutional Frameworks
Unit 5.3: Financial Transfers and Responsibility

Sub-course 6: Non-technical Aspects of Faecal Sludge Management
Unit 6.1: Assessment of the Initial Situation
Unit 6.2: Planning of Integrated FSM Systems

Additional information

The final mark of the course (100%) is made up of the marks obtained in the course assignments (40%) and the final examination (60%). The course is successfully completed when the average final mark is higher than or at least equal to a 6.0, and 5 EC can be awarded. However, recognizing that not all students may be interested in the ECTS and doing the final examination, a student who has an average mark higher than or at least equal to 5.0 for the assignments, is entitled to receive a Certificate of Participation. To get the right to carry out the final examination, the average mark for the assignments must be at least equal to 5.0. 


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