Online Course on Sanitation and Public Health

This course is designed to give participants an in-depth understanding of the links between sanitation and public health.

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This course is designed for those with an interest in onsite sanitation and public health such as practitioners, academicians, consultants, researchers, students and representatives from NGOs.

Dates, Fee, ECTS

Start: 10 October 2022
End: 17 December 2022
ECTS credit points: 3
Deadline IHE application: 02 October 2022 - 23.59 (CET)
Course fee: € 639

Start: 09 October 2023
End: 15 December 2023
Deadline IHE application: 01 October 2023 - 23.59 (CET)
Course fee: € 639

VAT is not included in the course fee

Course content

The following themes are covered in this online course: human health hazards related to excreta, pathogens and transmission routes associated with human excreta, non-infectious health issues related to sanitation, and control measures to protect public health. This course also includes case studies of sanitation intervention trials and workshops on the most up-to-date risk evaluation tools such as Sanitation Safety Plans and SaniPath.

Study subjects include:

  • Introduction to Public Health
  • Human Health Hazards and Human Excreta
  • Review and Assessment of Transmission Routes
  • Characteristics and lifecycles of sanitation-relevant pathogens
  • Control Measures
  • Risk Evaluation Tools

This course has been developed by renowned public health experts from our partners Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) and in conjunction with the WHO.

Key lecturers

  • Christine Moe - Emory University, USA
  • Joe Brown - Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
  • Mirko Winkler - Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute


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