IHE Delft Alumni & Partners Online Seminar by Dr Zoran Vojinovic

Online seminar: "Nature-based solutions for disaster and climate resilience"

  • 08 Oct 2021
  • 11:45 - 12:45
Delft, The Netherlands (CET time zone)

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The 8 October seminar, hosted by Dr. Zoran Vojinovic, focuses on hydro-meteorological risks such as severe floods, storm surges, landslides, avalanches, hail, windstorms, droughts, heat waves and forest fires – events that occur almost daily. Such events are expected become more frequent and severe due to climate change, degradation of ecosystems, population growth and urbanisation. Innovative solutions in which natural processes and ecosystems help solve different types of societal and environmental challenges – so-called Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) - have emerged as effective means to respond to such challenges. The seminar will focus on NBS and their application, using experience from one of the largest European Commission-funded NBS project RECONECT as examples.

Economic and other losses from natural disasters are increasing throughout the world. According to the International Disaster Database (EM-DAT), over the last 70 years, hydro-meteorological disasters have shown the fastest rate of increase of all disaster types. In parallel, technological capabilities to manage such disasters have advanced rapidly. This paradoxical situation can be viewed as a result of our disconnected developments underpinning broader global environmental and sustainability problems as well as our fragmented ways of dealing with natural disasters.
Using NBS for hydro-meteorological risk reduction and building climate-resilient landscapes offers the possibility to break away from traditional practices and enable to reconnect our land management practices and developments with nature in order to achieve multiple benefits to ecosystem services and functions of ecosystems. However, cost-effective design and implementation of NBS is only part of the answer – these solutions need to be adapted to diverse local and cultural contexts and integrated into broader land and risk management strategies. They require holistic perspectives and frameworks. At this time, there are no examples of successful NBS use to reduce hydro-meteorological risk and increase climate resilience that can be upscaled and replicated. There is a clear need for effective demonstration and evaluation of NBS to build an evidence base.


About the speaker

Zoran Vojinovic is Associate Professor at IHE Delft with expertise in Urban Water Systems, Risk Assessment, Climate Change Adaptation and Hydroinformatics. He is the author/co-author of a  book series in Urban Hydroinformatics. He is Honorary Professor at the University of Exeter, Adjunct Professor at the National Cheng Kung University, Visiting Professor at the University of Belgrade and Guest Faculty at the Asian Institute of Technology. He serves as the Project leader for the RECONECT project.


How to attend?

The event is free. Please register here to receive a link to join the meeting, held on the Zoom platform.

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