Paolo Paron PhD

Senior Lecturer in Hydraulic Engineering and River Basin Development


Dr. Paolo Paron has 15+ years professional experience working in Humanitarian (United Nations & NGOs), Academic, and Private Sectors, mainly in developing countries. From 2005 to 2011 he was based in Nairobi, Kenya, working for a variety of international organizations and private companies, and carrying out work in Somalia, Ghana, Kenya, Afghanistan and Australia. During the same period he spent some time as visiting associate at the universities of Oxford (UK) and Darwin (Australia), researching on mapping and remote sensing in geomorphology and environmental change.

Paolo graduated in Geology in the year 2000 with a MSc research on Field Geology (110/110 cum laude) at the University of Roma3, Italy. He then got his PhD in Fluvial geomorphology at the University of Chieti, in Italy, in early 2005. In Italy Paolo consulted for several environmental geological companies on field mapping and GIS & Remote Sensing.
In March 2011 he joined the IHE Delft as a Senior Lecturer in Earth Science and Remote Sensing in the chair group of Hydraulic Engineering - River Basin Development.

Research & Teaching Interests

  1. Geomorphological mapping and digital terrain analysis: semi-automatic digital mapping of fluvial geomorphology, and soil/vegetation dynamic.
  2. Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV):  KAP and UAV systems, historical aerial photography, and more 'traditional' optical remote sensing data & methods   for landscape change detection analysis and monitoring.
  3. Natural hazards in developing countries: assessment and mapping of geological and geomorphological hazards in the framework of developing countries, using freely available data.
  4. Sediments transport at basin scale: assessment of sediment production, transport and deposition at basin scale for reservoir siltation problems, sediment fingerprinting.

The countries where he has been working so far are (not in any particular order): Somalia, Kenya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Namibia, Ghana, Mozambique, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom.

His teaching activities at IHE include:

He has supervised MSc theses at IHE and at the University of Nairobi, Kenya.

MSc topics to be developed:

  • Remote sensing assessment of soil moisture dynamics along the southern part of the Zambezi delta
  • Wetlands change detection in the Southern Zambezi Delta
  • Semi-automated fluvial geomorphological mapping of the Lower Zambezi River
  • DEM generated using Kite Aerial Photography, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and terrestrial DGPS survey: assessing hydrological errors for hydraulic use
  • UAV very high resolution DEM generation and analysis for hydrological analysis
  • UAV very high resolution DEM generation and analysis for monitoring coastal evolution
  • Semi-automated geomorphological mapping of floodplains for flood zonation assessment

Paolo reviews scientific papers for Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, and the Journal of Maps. He is editor and contributor of three books with Elsevier: "Geomorphological mapping methods and applications", "Kenya a Natural Outlook" and "Hydro-Meteorological Hazards, Risks and DIsasters"

He has edited two Atlases of Somalia for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and a digital Atlas of Afghanistan for the NGOs iMMAP.
Paolo is the initiator and leader of an international working group on Applied Geomorphological Mapping (, under the auspices of the International Association of Geomorphologists (; he chairs thematic sessions at international conferences (regularly at IAG, EGU).



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Papers & Proceedings


  • 2017

    Crosato A, Paron P., & Salih Y.A., 2017 (accepted).  A critical review of Nile Basin sediment and morphological processes: present issues and future challenges. IJRBM


    Geeraert N., Omengo F.O., Tamooh F., Paron P., Bouillon S., Govers G. (2015) Sediment yield of the lower Tana River, Kenya, is insensitive to dam construction: sediment mobilization processes in a semi-arid tropical river system. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms,

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    Paron, P. & Smith, M.J., 2008. Editorial: Applied Geomorphological Mapping. Journal of Maps, v2008, 197-200.

    Before 2010

    Paron, P. & Goudie, A.S., 2007. Preliminary results about mapping and geomorphological correlation of tiger bush (Brusse tigree) in Somalia, from a remote sensing and GIS analysis perspective. In: Goudie, A.S., and Kalvoda, I. (Ed). Geomorphological variations. Nakladatelstvi p3k Editor: 59-86, Prague.

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Pre 2010

Berti, C., Paron , P., & Miccadei, E., 2009. Drainage geomorphometry for improved flood forecasting in data poor environment: Juba and Shabelle Rivers, Somalia. Poster presented at the 7th International Conference on Geomorpholoy, 6-11 July, 2009, Melbourne, Australia.

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Project Reports


Paron, P. et al (2016). The potential for Subsurface Water Storage in the Nakhon Phanom Province in Thailand. Report to be submitted to ADB for the ADB SWS Project.

Paron, P. 2015. WWF Mozambique 2015-2020 Strategy on the Lower Zambezi River Landscape. Final Draft Report submitted to WWF Mozambique

Paron, P. 2015. Geomorphology of the whole Rufiji River basin (Tanzania). Chapter submitted to CDM Smith, for the EFA study of the Rufiji basin (project funded by USAID).

Crosato, A. & Paron, P. 2015. Geomorphological Reconnaissance Survey and Effects of Water Withdrawal in the Kilombero Basin (Tanzania). Report submitted to CDM Smith, for the EFA study of the Rufiji basin (project funded by USAID).

Paron, P. 2014. Back to the Office report of a Reconnaissance geomorphological survey to the Kilombero River valley (Tanzania). Report submitted to CDM Smith, for the EFA study of the Rufiji basin (project funded by USAID).

Khan, O., Paron, P., Crosato A. 2014. Feasibility Study to Reconnect the Salone River to the main Zambezi - A hydro-geomorphological approach. Final report submitted to WWF.

Khan, O. & Paron, P., 2013. Preliminary report on fieldwork conducted in the Salone River basin, Zambezi Delta. Submitted to WWF.

Paron P., 2013. Kite Aerial Photography Survey (KAPS): Zandmotor (South Holland). Report to Deltares R&D.

Vargas Rojas, R., Omuto, C., Paron, P., 2009. Soil erosion and sedimentation modeling and monitoring of the areas between rivers Juba and Shabelle in Southern Somalia. FAO SWALIM Report L-16

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Paron, P., Vargas Rojas, R., 2007. Landform of Selected Study Areas in Somaliland and Southern Somalia. Integrated Landform Mapping Approach at semi-detailed scale using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques. FAOSWALIM. Project Report L-02, May 2007, Nairobi, Kenya.

Vargas Rojas, R., Pellika, P., Paron, P., 2007. Book of Abstracts of the expert workshop “Potentialities and Limitations in the use of Remote Sensing for detecting and monitoring environmental change in the Horn of Africa” 12 -13 of June 2007, Nairobi, Kenya. FAO-SWALIM.


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