Peter Heerings

Laboratory Technician


My work at IHE Delft mainly involves the guidance of students doing a lab research and the preparations for the educational part of the studies.This means that I help them with buiding set ups and supplying needed materials. In addition, I help the students for a large part with their research regarding the bacteria and algae, as well as with their courses.

The microbiological part of the studies concerns preparing the media and keeping an eye on the results of the experiments. If necessary I repeat experiments myself in order to show the correct results, which often makes the experiments more understandable to the students. In the lab we all have responsibilities for certain equipment and labs in order to keep things workable.

What makes my work so interesting is the daily contact with the students and the good atmosphere in the lab. Over the years, I have been given opportunities to do different things in the lab, which kept my work challenging and interesting.

My hobbies are running, soccer and reading.


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