PhD Defence Christine Etiegni

  • 28 Jan 2022
  • 16:00 - 17:30
Western Europe
Wageningen University and online

On Friday 28 January 2022, the Public Defence and awarding Ceremony of Ms. Christine Etiegni from Kenya will take place. Professor Ken Irvine is her promotor and Dr. Michelle Kooy her co-promotor.

The title of the thesis is

Fisher folk participation for sustainable fisheries: an illusion or reality for Lake Victoria (Kenya) co-management.
Link to the livestream

Research summary

A key challenge facing the management of many natural resources is how to achieve sustainable resource management outcomes that are beneficial to both the environment and resource users. Effective management is achieved when the interplay of ecological systems and social systems is understood. This understanding requires matching ecological systems with institutions used to manage human-environment interactions. However, the influence of institutions on resource users’ participation in natural resource governance is often not well understood, with literature focusing more on the influence of formal institutions. This book explores how the interactions between formal and informal institutions influence fisher folk participation in co-management within the context of Lake Victoria (Kenya). Although the institutional focus within co-management has been on formal institutions, the findings of this book show that informal institutions and power relations have a major influence on co-management outcomes. Based on the findings, this book shows the current structure of Lake Victoria (Kenya) co-management is inappropriate as an instrument for sustainable fisheries. It is, therefore, necessary to rethink the structure of Lake Victoria (Kenya) co-management and how it enables power sharing and inclusive participation for sustainable outcomes.


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