PhD Programme

Work together with other researchers, including around 135 PhD fellows and 200 MSc students from different countries all dealing with topics related to water and development. 

You participate in problem oriented research with relevance for development, by joining an existing research programme or by defining your own research topic within IHE Delft’s research themes. As a PhD fellow at the Institute, you benefit from the possibility of linking MSc research to your own.

Through your research, you address the global water agenda, and solve problems relevant to the water and environment sectors world-wide, as a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals and other mandates from the international community. You will often do so in collaboration with the Institute’s vast network of research institutions throughout the world.

IHE Delft's PhD programme leads to a deepening of a field of specialisation. PhD fellows do scientific research, often with conclusions that directly influence their region. At IHE Delft, around 130 PhD researchers from around the world are brought together to participate in problem-focused and solution-oriented research on development issues, resulting in an inspiring research environment. PhD fellows work together with other researchers from many countries - including 200 new MSc students annually – dealing with topics related to water and the environment.

The PhD Roadmap: Standard Timeline & Deadlines

PhD Roadmap: Standard Timeline & Deadlines

This roadmap gives you an overview of the standard timeline of the IHE PhD programme and the deadline.

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PhD Theses

PhD Dissertations / Thesis

Full text versions of most of the IHE Delft PhD Dissertations are available through NARCIS. NARCIS provides access to over 160,000 full-text publications and research output from all Dutch universities, KNAW, NWO and a number of scientific institutes.


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