Prabin Rokaya

Education is not just about future scope and opportunity. Choose a programme you are passionate about.

South Asia
Nepal South Asia

What made you decide to study this particular programme?
I was particularly interested in water issues. With Nepal being one of the richest countries in water resources and yet, facing critical water related problems often used to make me think about how I could improve the situation. I always wanted to convert this enormous untapped resource wealth of our nation by converting our challenges into opportunities.

Can you say something about studying in Delft/the Netherlands? (Cultural and social experiences)
I would say the Netherlands and in particular Delft is the best place to study. It always feels like my second home. In addition, the multi-cultural environment, the social network and cross-cultural learnings at IHE Delft has given me a different dimension to life.

What kind of professional background do you need to succeed in this programme?
Personally, I don't think the professional background is the most important, but the passion to learn. People come to IHE Delft with different backgrounds as the programme is multidisciplinary. You just need to be analytical and critical of the issues that we study. The conventional approach of just memorizing for exams doesn't work here.

Why should new students/water professional choose this programme?
Water is one of the most critical issues of this century. The water crisis possesses a great threat for humankind. I think there are three good reasons why new students/water professional should choose this programme. Firstly, to meet our most basic water need like drinking. Secondly, to tap water's potential through dams and hydropower and to prevent water-related disasters like flood.

Do you have any advice for new students?
Education is not just about future scope and opportunity; choose the programme you are passionate about. Don't make your hobby your career; make your passion your career.

What are you going to do once back home?
I want to do lots of research in water related issues, especially in tapping new opportunities in water resources. I am also particularly interested in flood management as every year many people in my country die due to floods including widespread damage to property. I am therefore interested in conducting rainfall-runoff modelling for important river basins.


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