Adaptation to Global Change in Agricultural Practices (AGIoCAP)

  • Research & Development
  • 261.000 project budget
  • Sep 2009 - Dec 2015
  • Partners: Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand; Ministry of Irrigation Nepal, Nepal
  • Donor: Stichting IHE Delft
  • Donor Programme: UNESCO-IHE Partnership Research Fund - part of DUPC
South Asia
South Asia

Agriculture based population living in developing countries, which represents about one third of world population could be the hardest hit due to global changes unless proper adaptation measures are planned and implemented in advance. The economic sustainability of large populations in these countries is incredibly vulnerable to changes in land use, climate, rainfall patters, river flow regimes, and seasons. Research in the AGIoCAP project aims at finding suitable adaptation strategies to climate and anthropogenic changes in agricultural practices in Himalayan river basins in south-east Asia – one of the “hot-spots” for climate change studies. It also aims to find an appropriate methodology to translate the global change impact to a river basin and sub-basin levels based on global/regional scale climate change predictions, historical hydro-climatic as well as remote sensing observations.


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