Africa-EU Innovation Alliance for Water and Climate (citizens science)

  • Partners: Waternet, WRC, ICLEI Africa, ANBO, GWP, AfWA, WASCAL, BothEnds/AfriWater, AKVO, 2iE, CSIR, WE&B, OIEAU, ITC, WSSTP
  • Donor: European Commission - Research Executive Agency
  • Donor Programme: Research Programme of the European Commission as of 2014
Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa

About AfriAlliance: AfriAlliance is a 5-year EC-funded project facilitating the collaboration of African and European stakeholders in the areas of water and climate innovation, research, policy and capacity development by supporting knowledge sharing and technology transfer. Rather than creating new networks, the 16 European and African partners in this project consolidate existing ones. The ultimate objective is to increase African preparedness for future climate change challenges. AfriAlliance activities: The Africa-EU cooperation is taken to a practical level by identifying and matching (non-) technological innovation and solutions for local needs and challenges. To help improve water and climate Monitoring & Forecasting in Africa, AfriAlliance takes a triple sensor approach, whereby water and climate data from three independent sources are geospatially collocated: space-based (satellites), in-situ hydro-meteorological station observation networks and local ground information. Sharing of knowledge is facilitated through a series of events and through an innovative online platform. Demand-driven AfriAlliance ‘Action Groups’ bring together African and European peers with relevant knowledge and expertise to work jointly towards solutions. Visit the AfriAlliance website:


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