Capacity Development of HEIs in Small-scale Irrigation (and Micro Irrigation) at Arba Minch university

  • Institutional Strengthening
  • 2.000.000 project budget
  • Sep 2013 - Dec 2021
  • Donor: Nuffic
  • Donor Programme: Netherlands Initiative for Capacity building in Higher Education
Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa

This project will strengthen Arba Minch University and the University Water Sector Partnership members universities to deliver graduates competent to provide services leading to sustainable SSI/MI systems, in a gender sensitive way and responding to the requirements of the labour market. The strengthening of AMU will include: a) Leadership and Management capabilities of the AMU - Institute of Technology (IOT) and SSI-department to ensure quality, relevance and gender sensitive training and research, so that the future highly skilled graduates will provide the right advice and services to the people; b) Improved capabilities, curricula and facilities to provide high quality practical and relevant training; c) Improved capabilities to produce good quality gender sensitive research that responds to the needs of the labour market and communities (proposals, methodology, analyses, reporting etc.). This project will assist UWSP to address common issues in the sector together with the stakeholders and end-users of SSI-MI, autonomously and sustainably. The improved curriculum at AMU and accompanying quality measures/pedagogy and didactics will be rolled out to the other UWSP-universities.


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