Capturing and Measuring Societal Impact

  • Institutional Strengthening
  • 165.810 project budget
  • Jun 2019 - Dec 2022
  • Partners: Oxfam
  • Donor: Stichting IHE Delft
  • Donor Programme: DGIS - UNESCO-IHE Programmatic Coorperation II

For DUPC2, contributing to making tangible positive impacts on development challenges is a major objective. The aim for demonstrating the impact of education, research and capacity development activities on local, regional, national and international development issues shapes both the focus (on specific themes and regions) as well as the process (design, implementation, learning agenda, communication, role of southern partners) of the projects supported by DUPC2. Working towards impact is not straightforward, and for many IHE staff and partners also quite new. Therefore, we see a need to further analyse, pilot, reflect and discuss on questions like how do we define impact, how can we create impact, and what is the impact of projects actually as many factors, events and processes shape developments simultaneously. Are we on the right track as a programme, how can we improve, what can we expect from projects, but also from the programme in terms of ‘contributing to impact’, and how can we make our case that we achieve impact on the ground stronger? Answers to these questions will help strengthen the DUPC2 programme, but will also be relevant for IHE Delft and its global partnership. On the issue of societal impacts, there are already good collaborations between IHE Delft and Oxfam in a DUPC2 co-funded project (A4Labs). Oxfam has an established Impact Measurement and Knowledge Team with ample practical and methodological knowledge and experience in creating and measuring impact in its many projects worldwide. This makes Oxfam a logical partner for collaboration on establishing and measuring societal impact. The following activities are being undertaken in this project: 1. Piloting of impact evaluation methods 2. MSc research on impact and impact evaluation 3. Reflection and discussion on impact and impact evaluation 4. Education and training


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