Citizen Science Earth Observation Lab

  • Research & Development
  • 499.736 project budget
  • Jan 2019 - Dec 2020
  • Partners: StarLab
  • Donor: European Space Agency (ESA) - ESRIN
Western Europe
Western Europe

CSEOL is a virtual incubator for citizen science (CS) and earth observation (EO) projects. It engages a wide community of users of EO data and providers of information to support the validation and exploitation of EO with citizen science.The physical CSEOLab is placed at the premises of IHE (KIS group) and forms a central place for idea generation and the co-design of CS EO projects, featuring new digital technologies and tools for CS and EO, the wider CS community as well as non-Space actors such as schools, Civil Society Organisations, etc. Overall, CSEOL serves to catalyse the potential of CS for EO into concrete, funded and achievable pilot projects. The 5 CSEOL Pioneer Pilot Projects are IceWatchApp (design of a mobile phone application for sea ice observations), PhenoTandem (harmonizing remote sensing and citizen science vegetation phenology observations), Schools and Satellites (a reliable rainfall product for West Africa), Sentinel Citizen (setting foundations for atmospheric commons) and Mysnowmaps (a dynamic mapping of snow conditions). Visit CSEOL website to find out more information about CSEOL project and Pilot Projects:


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