COmmunity REsilience through rapid prototyping of flood proofing

  • Research & Development
  • 594.518 project budget
  • Jul 2016 - Oct 2021
  • Partners: TUD, BUET, HKVplus subcontractors Wetskills, Urban Green, Fieldfactors, GreenSoilBag, Tubebarrier, Flexbase
  • Donor: The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
  • Donor Programme: Urbanising Deltas of the World of NWO
South Asia
South Asia

The effectiveness of flood-risk management in The Netherlands depends on effective stakeholder coordination through governance arrangements developed over many years of coping with floods. IHE Delft repeats this process on a shortened time scale, and aims to develop coordinating capabilities in flood-risk management for the urban poor in a developing country. We will initiate and support community-based innovation, development, production, and implementation of small-scale technical innovations that alleviate immediate flood-related nuisance (‘wet feet’) in a town in Bangladesh. Our aim with this is to increase coordinating capacity for flood risk management and focus this emerging governance capacity on developing ever longer term, severer risks, increasing scale and more sustainable solution for flood risk management. Our research in this Learning Space addresses a major knowledge gap on how community based flood mitigation and adaptation measures both technological and institutional developments into “measures of scale”. This will enhance flood resiliency through demonstration and subsequent development of knowledge co-creation in collaboration with local partners and, ultimately, integration in flood management policies.


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