Decentralised Integrated Analysis and Enhancement of Awareness in Flood Risk

  • Research & Development
  • 380.000 project budget
  • Oct 2009 - Oct 2021
  • Partners: Imperial College London
  • Donor: European Commission - Research Executive Agency
Western Europe
Western Europe

One recently finalised research project (2009-2011) entitled DIANE-CM (Decentralised INtegrated Analysis and Enhancement of Awareness through Collaborative Modelling and management of Flood Risks), funded by the second ERANET-CRUE initiative of the EU, introduced a framework for stakeholder involvement in FRM, supported by specifically designed, developed and implemented web-based tools for this purpose. The implementation took place in two case study areas: the small urban catchment of Cranbrook, wider London area, UK, and the larger catchment of the river Alster in Germany. The presentation in the water colloquium will present the developed framework, its design and development and the results from the implementation with actual stakeholders in these two case studies. Some reflections on possibilities for similar approaches to other water- and environment-related issues will also be provided.


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