Dengue, water, and households: informing suppliers and government officials in small towns

  • Partners: Eduardo Mondlane University, Ministry of Health Mozambique, Collins Sistemas de Água Ltd. Pedro Cardoso, UNICEF, The Manhiça Health Research Centre, U-IHE
  • Donor: Stichting IHE Delft
  • Donor Programme: DGIS - UNESCO-IHE Programmatic Coorperation II
Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa

Since there is no vaccine for dengue, the only way to reduce transmission is to control mosquito’s breeding sites. This research will ensure that the realities of dengue in small towns are taken into account in national policies by producing specific knowledge on the connection between poor water supply and dengue. It will also analyse the distinct reasons for water storage practices in and around living areas to inform and document politics and practice, not only in what concerns the government’s treatment of dengue outbreaks, but also regarding water reforms and water supply providers. In this way, this project will contribute, in coordination with local and international partners, to the development of new strategies to fight dengue, which will potentially contribute to the development of new models for water management and provision of water and sanitation services.


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