Excellence in Smart Data and Services for Water Management

  • Research & Development
  • 999.494 project budget
  • Jan 2016 - Jun 2021
  • Partners: Politecnical University Bucarest (Lead)
  • Donor: European Commission - Research Executive Agency
  • Donor Programme: Research Programme of the European Commission as of 2014
Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The objective is to enhance the S&T abilities in the field of smart, data driven e-services in water management, with focus on the widening organization. The complexity of research related to water management is extremely high and requires deep expertise in several ICT-related research domains. The dynamics of water and the role of humans in the water cycle are not well understood largely because environmental and socio-economic analyses are still performed separately. The specific objectives are: Enhance the science and technology capacity of the participating institutions; Raise staff’s research profile as well as the one of the institutions involved; Contribute to the Smart Specialisation Strategy; Contribute to the development of a new, interdisciplinary research domain. Main activities in the project are: organization of workshops, summer schools; exchange and training of researchers; develop a roadmap for the UPB, aligned with the partners’ research agendas in the area of IT for water management; development of a knowledge transfer and remote training system, and inclusion of UTB team in an operational research network. The research quality system will be set up, based on the Composite indicator of Research Excellence. The project will also help to raise staff’s research profile.


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