Gridded Management System on Environmental Sustainability and Vulnerability

  • Research & Development
  • 6.000 project budget
  • Apr 2009 - Mar 2013
  • Partners: WMO, C3I, SWAT, EAWAG, JRC, IISD, UN-IIST, CERN, CRS4, Univ. of Geneva
  • Donor: European Commission - Research Executive Agency
  • Donor Programme: Seventh Framework Programme of European Commission - Cooperation programme
Western Europe
Western Europe

The scientific aim of the EnviroGRIDS project is to create a generic collaborative management system that will address in this first implementation the specific problem of water resource sustainability and vulnerability from a river basin perspective. This system will incorporate a shared information system that operates on the boundary of scientific/technical partners, stakeholders and the public. It will contain an early warning system that will inform in advance decision makers and the public in the watershed concerned about the environment based risks to humans, infrastructures and nature, provoked by modifications in water quality and quantity, floods and droughts, expected from climatic, demographic and land cover changes on a 50 year time horizon. The project methodology and tools will also allow identifying, testing and communicating different response strategies and their impacts through innovative modelling, simulation and visualisation techniques.


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