Managing Adaptive REsponses to changing flood risk in Asia (MARE)

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East Asia and Pacific
East Asia and Pacific

The diminishing of natural resources combined with climate change is a major risk for urban areas in Asia. The high urbanization rate, lack of appropriate infrastructure and investments, and climate change vulnerability put Indonesia in a risky position regarding livability. Through this project IHE Delft is helping with the development and implementation of a climate proofing strategy in cooperation between local to national authorities from various countries. Identifying the major climate and water management issues in the cities will enable the stakeholders to develop intervention opportunities, which will result with a series of project ideas that can help greening of the city. The programme provides on-the-job training, including training on best practices to facilitate cross-learning between Asia and Europe. Ultimately we aim to improve overall livability in the cities by understanding the urban profile and to develop best practices for climate adaptation.


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