Nature based water infrastructures for #GlobalGoals (NaBWIG)

  • Research & Development
  • 499.876 project budget
  • Apr 2018 - Oct 2022
  • Partners: UENR, Mekelle University, TUD
  • Donor: The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
  • Donor Programme: Foundation for Scientific Research of the Tropics and Developing countries
Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa

NaBWIG seeks to help #endHunger by supporting sustainable intensification of agriculture and improving the resilience of African agriculture to cope with increased climate variability and water shortages through innovative and environmentally sound nature based water storage infrastructures for conjunctive use of surface water, groundwater and soil moisture. NaBWIG employs Use-Inspired research approach, aimed at contributing to #GolbalGoals that seek transformation of Africa into an innovation led and knowledge based economy. To this end this project will put emphasis on co-development of research-based practical solutions and adaptive investment plans, jointly with stakeholders at local and national level to explore ecological approaches to storing water for agriculture and innovative ways to provide #WaterforAll and better use of water, soil and inputs.


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