Nile Ecosystems Valuation for wise-Use

  • Research & Development
  • 40.311 project budget
  • Mar 2015 - Dec 2017
  • Partners: NBCBN (Lead)
  • Donor: CGIAR
Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa

In the Nile basin there is currently a gap in knowledge of how the values of wetlands are perceived, the tools to estimate those values, and the role of communities in that. IHE Delft aims to address that gap by developing and testing integrated tools for ecosystem services, valuation, and land assessment that will support local and regional understanding and decision making for wetland management. Our methods include developing a set of economic valuation tools for decision analysis, guidelines for ecosystems and wetlands valuation in the Nile basin, and training and capacity development manuals and toolkits. As a result, we expect to see enhanced research capacity of the professionals in using ecosystems valuation tools, improved decision making by local authorities, and improved practices of local communities in using ecosystems services within a time frame of two to three years after the project.


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