NWO UDW Strengthening Strategic Delta Planning Processes in Bangladesh, NL and beyond

  • Partners: TUD, WUR, BUET, CEGIS, VNU-WACC, PBL, Deltares, IUCN
  • Donor: The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
  • Donor Programme: Urbanising Deltas of the World of NWO

This project aims to obtain better understanding of dynamic strategic delta planning processes and the roles of stakeholders, experts and policy-makers. The project contributes to approaches and tools that support the development of more stable stakeholder agreements on strategic choices that can be more effectively translated into innovative solutions. A direct link to ongoing delta projects ensures the involvement and capacity building of key stakeholders and dissemination of results. Ultimately this should result in wellinformed broadly supported plans, the implementation of which contributes to sustainable delta development. Please visit our project website for project activities, latest reports, blogs, photo's and publications: http://strategic-delta-planning.un-ihe.org/introduction


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