Promoting integrated and sustainable development in the Litani River Lebanon using new approaches

  • Research & Development
  • 200.243 project budget
  • May 2019 - Feb 2021
  • Partners: LRA, LARI, AUB, CNRS
  • Donor: Stichting IHE Delft
  • Donor Programme: DGIS - UNESCO-IHE Programmatic Coorperation II
Middle East and North Africa
Middle East and North Africa

This research will be carried out in the Litani River basin in Lebanon, which mirrors most of the above mentioned challenges. The lack of knowledge on water availability (from surface and groundwater) and spatio-temporal variability of water demands, poor coordination among stakeholders further adds to water problems. This project will contribute in improved ability of water sector organizations and end users in the Litani River basin to better understand and address these complex issues related water availability (both quantity and quality), demand and sustainable use.


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