In Search of Sustainable Catchments and Basin-wide Solidarities: Blue Nile

  • Partners: IWMI
  • Donor: The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
  • Donor Programme: Foundation for Scientific Research of the Tropics and Developing countries
Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa

The overall scientific objective of this research project is to quantify the positive and negative environmental as well as socio-economic impacts of improved land management practices, assess to what extent positive externalities between up-and downstream areas exist and whether these can increase the willingness to invest in sustainable practices and catchment-wide solidarities, and thus form the basis for sustainable integrated river basin management. The development objective of the research is to contribute to achieving food security and poverty eradication of local communities with positive impacts for downstream users and for the environment. The collaborative objective is to enhance collaboration between Dutch, Ethiopian and Sudanese knowledge institutes concerning hydrology and river basin management, as well as to strengthen the mutual understanding and solidarity between the countries riparian to the Blue Nile basin.


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