Strengthening the water sector in Iraq

  • Institutional Strengthening
  • 1.070.460 project budget
  • Nov 2019 - Aug 2023
  • Partners: Ministry of Water Resources Iraq (MoWR), University of Basra (UB), University of Kurdistan Hewler-Erbil (UKH), Center for the Restoration of the Iraqi Marshes and Wetlands (CRIMW)
  • Donor: Stichting IHE Delft
  • Donor Programme: DGIS - UNESCO-IHE Programmatic Coorperation II
Middle East and North Africa
Middle East and North Africa

This project intends to enhance the capacity of the water sector in Iraq through capacity development activities and research. The enhanced individual and institutional capacity is expected to significantly contribute to a more integrated and sustainable water management in Iraq. The project will co-design and deliver demand driven training courses and fund research activities that will equip the Iraqi water sector with new and advanced scientific knowledge, research and problem solving skills, which are required to address the complex water challenges that Iraq has to deal with. This project will mainly focus on four thematic areas, which are prioritized based on deliberations together with our Iraqi counterparts. These thematic areas include: (1) Water Availability under Global Changes. Under this theme, we will contribute to improve the scientific knowledge base and skills on water availability assessments and quantifying the impact of local and global changes on water supply and demand; (2) Environment and Ecology. We aim to contribute to the improvement of the science-based understanding and adaptation of policy actions to address environmental and ecological challenges in different regions/ecosystems in Iraq including the Mesopotamian marshes; (3) Water Cooperation and Coordination. The work under this theme will strengthen human resource capacity on transboundary and national water governance issues including negotiation, mediation and cooperation building theories and skills; (4) Efficient and Productive Water Use. We will promote advanced data, tools and analytical capabilities required to achieve a more efficient and productive water use in the agricultural and domestic sectors in Iraq.


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