Women and Water for Change in Communities

  • Institutional Strengthening
  • 546.000 project budget
  • Sep 2017 - Jan 2022
  • Partners: BirdLife International, WWF Kenya, Nature Uganda, Nile Basin Discourse
  • Donor: The Coca Cola Foundation
Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa

The 2-year project “Women and Water for Change in Communities”, funded by The CocaCola Foundation, aims to strengthen the role of women as sustainability change agents in rural African communities. Using an Action Research approach, the project will support local women and youth groups in assessing the state of their water and natural resources, and engage in decisions affecting long term sustainability and social wellbe-ing. The initiative combines training, citizen monitoring and entrepreneurship opportunities for and led by women. The project will work with local communities in three action sites, the Mara Bay and Masirori Swamp in Tanzania, the wildlife conservation area of the Silowana com-plex in Zambia, and the Mabamba Bay wetland system in Uganda. All three communities depend on degrading natural resources, and all have recently developed an integrated management plan in multi-stakeholder consultations that they are now challenged to implement. This provides a diverse but coherent frame to experiment with innovative tools for women empowerment.


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