Raksha Rani

A journey of 18 months full of challenges, deadlines, diversity, the humble professors always there to guide you, new yet strong friendships, moments where you are overwhelmed with stress and then times which you want to still and capture for ever; an extraordinary learning experience of a lifetime.

East Asia and Pacific
Fiji East Asia and Pacific

What were your expectations when you applied for a SIDS MSc fellowship at IHE Delft? And were these expectations met?

My expectations were to learn from (and about) a diverse background from experienced professionals and to be able to build a network with the students and professors from all over the world. In my opinion I feel my expectations were met beyond my imagination and I have acquired a very diverse exposure and experience.

What can IHE Delft do to improve the impact of its programmes to support water management in SIDS?

I believe IHE Delft can/should build a network amongst the SIDS students and countries through social media groups, group emails, or even a special website for the SIDS alumni. Monthly or quarterly interactions within this group could be encouraged for both students and professors to share updates and progress after leaving IHE Delft. In addition to this, some form of workshops could be conducted in the SIDS countries to promote IHE Delft and its programmes as well as the global issues related to water and environment. Online short courses and/or refresher courses can encourage participation and keep the network strong (here apart from alumni, others should also be encouraged to participate).

How do you intend to apply your lessons learned?

Currently I am based in the Laboratory section. However upon return to my work station I will be required to present my learning and experience to the staff of the department. My input from the lessons learned begins here. Apart from this, and before coming to IHE I aspired to move to the Environmental Unit where I can apply my knowledge and interest. I believe with my acquired learning and Masters from IHE, I have a better chance to make an entry in (or to assist) the environmental sector to not only fully utilize my knowledge and qualification, but also to continue learning and making improvement. Topics such as policies, implementations, institutions, institutional analysis and interviewing stakeholders has been both new and an eye opener for me, which I can say has personally evolved my thinking and perspectives.

How will you stay in touch with your fellow SIDS students and what could IHE do to consolidate a community of practice amongst SIDS water professionals?

Some of the SIDS students that I have worked/studied with have turned into strong bonds of friendship and I am sure that we will be in contact wherever we are. However as mentioned earlierĀ  a SIDS group on the social media, email group, or SIDS website/alumni platform can encourage communication amongst the SIDS water professionals.

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