Refresher Course Improving Food Security through Innovative and Low Cost Methods of Soil, Water Resource and Crop Monitoring & Management

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This course is intended for Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP)/Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) alumni from African countries.

Date: 8 to 12 June 2020
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Coordinators: Dr. Paolo Paron
Counterpart: African Centre for Excellence in Water Management of the Addis Ababa University
Open to: Alumni from Africa
Deadline: 22 March 2020 (23.59)


The new methods presented during the Refresher course are either free or low-cost and at the same time can bring a great improvement in the management of water resources for food production. Often the government offices or universities from where most of the participants come from lack funds for expensive software or hardware, thus limiting the possibility to develop new programmes. The new state-of-art methods that the participants will be exposed to are on the other hand free and only need time to apply. It is anticipated that most participants will bring back home not only a new experience but also a new set of ideas of applications of the methods learnt during this course. They will also bring back some educational videos recorded during the lecture that will serve as a benchmark to go back to after they will reach their duty stations.


This one-week Refresher Course aims at two main goals:

  • Exposing, with theory and exercises, the participants to the latest low-cost innovation in the area of food production by means of new methods of soil, water resources, and crop monitoring and management (active learning and seminars) and;
  • Carrying on a preliminary design of applications of the new methods in the participant’s specific working environment (group work)

This Refresher Course will follow an active learning principle, with the activation of participants since before their arrival in Addis Ababa. The participants will be asked to share beforehand a powerpoint presentation of their activities that will be used as a base for reaching the goals of the training.


The contents of the Refresher course is, in sequential order: 

  1. Current Methods and Issues in Ethiopia for water management in food production (Tena Agumassie)
  2. Effects of agricultural practices on soil erosion in Ethiopia (Seifu Tilahun)
  3. Soil and water movements across canals and slopes: measurement and monitoring (Mario Franca)
  4. Optimal use of alluvial aquifers for small scale farming (Tibor Stigter)
  5. Preparation for the field trip (Paolo Paron)
  6. Use of drones for crop and water resource mapping and monitoring (Paolo Paron)
  7. Open Source Remote Sensing methods for water resource monitoring (Paolo Paron)
  8. Latest Methods for mapping water productivity using freely available dataset: the FAO WaPor (Abebe Chukalla/Girma Yimer Ebrahim)
  9. Group work 1 on Incorporation of novel methods for water management in food security: preparation of a road map
  10. EXERCISE on the use of drones for water monitoring (Paolo Paron)
  11. EXERCISE on: Latest Methods for mapping water productivity (Abebe Chukalla)
  12. Group work 2 on Incorporation of novel methods for water management in food security: preliminary design of the methods and data needs for innovating water management in view of food security
  13. Presentation of the Group works and Conclusion


Target Audience

This Refresher Course is intended for Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP)/Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) alumni from Africa. Academics, Government officials, NGO and UN staff members, Professionals with background in one of the following or related topics:

  • Agricultural
  • Engineering
  • Natural science and Natural Resource management
  • Water Management


Application Procedure

  • Click the button below ‘apply now for’.
  • Make an account using the email address known at IHE Delft or use your current account to log in.
  • Complete the application process and upload your CV and a copy of your passport
  • By selecting 'scholarship' in the question 'How do you intend to pay the costs of your study and other expenses?' you will automatically apply for an Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) fellowship, IHE Delft will handle this.
  • Submit your application. When pressing the 'Submit' button, your application will be sent to IHE Delft. You will not receive a confirmation of receipt. However, you can check the status of your application on your personal page. If the status is submitted or verified, it has been received.
After the application deadline, IHE Delft makes a selection of all eligible applicants. IHE Delft will inform the selected candidates by email. Approximately two months before the Refresher Course, all applicants will be informed about the outcome of the selection.
Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) Fellowships
The Netherlands Government has provided full fellowships for a maximum of 20 participants available for each Refresher Course. Note that 50% of the total needs to be female alumni. These fellowships include:
  • Air travel (economy class) from the nearest international airport to the candidate’s home country to the Refresher course country and vice versa. Please note that travel costs made to reach the airport in your home country will not be reimbursed,
  • Transfer from the airport to hotel and vice versa in the country of the Refresher Course. No other travel costs are refunded,
  • Health insurance,
  • Accommodation, including meals, for the duration of the course, up to a maximum of 10 days in total, depending on the date of arrival in and departure from the hosting country,
  • Direct visa costs (related costs, such as travel costs to the Embassy or hotel stay are not refundable)


Fellowship Eligibility

You can apply for a fellowship if you meet the following criteria. You: 
  • are a national of, and work and live in one of the current OKP African countries. Check the OKP country list on the following link
  • work for one of the following types of national and/or local organisations: ministries, secondary or higher vocational or academic education institutions, universities, private sector, commissions or NGOs. (You may not work for: A bilateral or multilateral organisation; A non-governmental organisation that is internationally active and is focused on representing social interests, such as development cooperation, nature and environmental protection, health or human rights.)
  • must be in a position to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice.
  • graduated or completed a course funded by OKP, NFP or NICHE


Self Paying Participants

The course is open to a limited number of self-paying participants who are working in the area, or with background and/or experienced and  lived in neighbouring countries of the course. Since there are limited places, priority will be given for the professionals with a close link to the OKP requirements. The tuition fee of the course is Euro 250, to be paid in advance. This tuition fee covers registration, tuition, and field trip (if applicable). All other costs such as meals, hotel and travel costs are borne by the participant.

More details can be provided upon request by contacting:


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