Refresher Course Water Resources Management and Climate Change: Balancing the extremes "Food-Water Scarcity-Floods"

The food production sector is one of the most affected and vulnerable activities to natural disasters. This may lead to major drastic losses, food shortage and nutritional deficiencies. 

Topic: Water resources management and climate change: balancing the extremes 'Food-Water Scarcity-Floods"

Location: La Havana & Varadero - Cuba

Coordinator: Dr. Carlos Lopez Vazquez, Associate Professor of Sanitary Engineering & Dr. Hector Garcia, Senior Lecturer in Wastewater Treatment Technology

Counterpart: Instituto para la Investigaci√≥n de la Industria Alimentaria, IIIA & Havana Technical University ‘Jose Antonio Echeverria’, CUJAE

Open to: Alumni from Latin America and the Caribbean 



Because of the insular character and limited infrastructure development, the Caribbean and Central America Region is particularly prone to extreme climate change effects. This may affect the welfare and safety of population and key productive sectors like the food production and tourism sectors. The food production sector is one of the most affected and vulnerable activities to natural disasters. This may lead to major drastic losses, food shortage and nutritional deficiencies. In addition, the limited surface area and particular weather conditions limit food production and several countries rely on the  importation of food becoming rather vulnerable to Global dynamics.

In the region, there is a lack of knowledgeable and technically capable human resources who can assist securing a long-term achievement of food security by: (i) improving, increasing and diversifying in the region the food self-production; (ii) implementing cleaner production practices in the food processing industries; (iii) introducing and developing new food production methods of high efficiency and low cost; and, (iv) supporting the urban and peri-urban food related productive activities. Moreover, there is limited knowledge on leading-edge technologies and practices for and to facilitate the reuse of treated (fresh) wastewater, absent knowledge of advantages of using saline water for non potable uses, and there is a gap regarding the latest developments on flood risk management, prevention and propagation between countries.

Therefore, to contribute to cope with extreme climate change effects, the food processing and water professionals from the region need the required knowledge and information on the latest advances on food processing technologies, wastewater treatment and reuse, innovative urban water management practices as well as on flood prevention and propagation methodologies.

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