River Basin Modelling

The aim of this course is to provide an understanding that river basin models can maximise economic and social well-being in an equitable and sustainable manner. 

For whom?

The course is designed for professionals (engineers and scientists) active in the water sector, especially those involved in using simulation models for river basin modelling. Pre-requisites are a basic knowledge of hydraulics and hydrology.


Hydrology and Hydraulics

Learning objectives

Upon completion, the participant should be able to:
  1. Explain the multi-purpose nature of river basins and approaches for their integrated planning and management, with special focus on role of modelling
  2. Interpret solutions of groundwater flow problems based on governing physical laws and their mathematical representation
  3. Apply MODFLOW modelling system to solve groundwater flow problems and examine the solutions
  4. Model hydrological processes in catchments using MIKE SHE modelling system
  5. Examine results of MIKE-SHE models that include both surface and groundwater flow in a natural catchment, including the unsaturated zone

Course content

Water resources management has become a field where computer-based models are expected to facilitate the complex process of decision making which involves several stakeholders with varied interests and various socioeconomic objectives, of the natural resources. One of the aims of the course is to show how different types of models can be used as support in the decision making processes in river basins. Managing water resources in river basins requires water resources engineering expertise combined with use of appropriate hydroinformatics models.

During the course practical applications of the modelling systems are demonstrated, involving testing of different management alternatives with fully integrated models.The three main topics of the course are introduced through computer–based hands-on exercises with appropriate modelling packages:

  • Basin-wide water allocation - RIBASIM;
  • Groundwater modelling – Processing MODFLOW;
  • Catchment and river modelling - MIKE SHE / MIKE 11.


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