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The teachers at IHE Delft are innovative, know about new technologies and are aware of the most pressing water problems in the world.

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Roshan Paudel is a civil engineer from Nepal, where he had been working as an assistant lecturer for an engineering college. He learned about IHE Delft online, where he saw that IHE Delft is one of the largest institutes for graduate education in water. He chose IHE Delft because of the international environment. Roshan: ‘’People from all around the world are studying here and you can learn from each other. The teachers are innovative, know about new technologies and are aware of the most pressing water problems in the world. IHE Delft is the hub of the networks of water professionals working all around the globe.’’

Why Roshan decided to study in the field of water: ‘’Nepal is very rich in fresh water resources. The main source of the surface water is from glaciers and rainfall. This fresh water flows down to India and finally reaches the sea and we have not been able to utilize its resource very well because of the lack of infrastructure, technical aspects and the economy. I thought these resources could be utilized in a better way. This motivated me to pursue a higher degree in water resources. Moreover, the impacts of climate change on the glaciers in the Himalayas of Nepal is also unknown. Research needs to be done in this sector.’’

Roshan about the teaching style at IHE Delft: ‘’Initially, I found it different from what I am used to in Nepal. The approach is different, but in a positive manner. The education system back in Nepal is different, you memorize things, take the exams and forget. However, at IHE Delft, you’re focused more on the understanding part of the subjects. The visualisation of the concepts from the texts is expected from you rather than memorizing the facts.’’

About his goals when he finish studying: ‘’I would like to go back home and utilize my knowledge in Nepal. One of my aims would be to help people, who do not have access to drinking water. I would like to work in an academic field and research. Furthermore, I also would like to continue my teaching profession so that the knowledge I gained would be transferred to a greater mass.’’

‘’The introduction week was fun: we saw some nice places in The Netherlands. It was easy for me to get along with the other students. If you enter the building of IHE, everyone here will greet you with a smile and you can really feel the friendly environment. I really like the new environment, culture, and friends. Living far away from home is a new experience for me but this makes you learn to live your life more independently, on your own.’’

Roshan on Delft: ‘’Delft is a very clean and quiet place, compared to busier cities like Amsterdam. The infrastructure is very good. The weather is cold and rainy. Rain is very common throughout the year and a full sunny day is something you’d rarely get in the winter.’’

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