Sanitation Financing

This two-week course will enable to understand various sanitation financing options, business and financial flow models in sanitation as well as to explore financial viability of sanitation project.

For whom?

Young and mid-career water, sanitation or public health professionals working in private companies, local authorities or NGOs. Practitioners, decision-makers and other professionals (not strictly working already in the field) who have the interest to expand their knowledge in sanitation and financing.

This two-week course has been developed in conjunction with leading experts and gives an overview of current trends and needs in sanitation financing within the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) framework. It highlights the issues related to sanitation financing, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, with examples from African and Asian countries.

Participants will become familiar with sanitation financing options available at national and local level and their impact on the local municipal budget, as well as with novel and innovative sanitation financing approaches including private-public partnerships. The course explores business models with the entire sanitation service chain and the participants will gain practical knowledge to develop the costing and financing of a financially viable sanitation project.


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