Sebrian Mirdeklis Beselly Putra

PhD candidate


Sebrian Mirdeklis Beselly Putra is from Indonesia, he is a PhD fellow at the Coastal & Urban Risk & Resilience Department, under Coastal Systems & Engineering and Port Development Chair Group. His fellowship is funded by BUDI-LPDP Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education.

He obtained a bachelor degree in Water Resources Engineering (2011) as the best graduates of Faculty of Engineering from Universitas Brawijaya (Indonesia) and continue to two master degrees in Civil Engineering (2013) from Universitas Brawijaya and University of Miyazaki (Japan). Currently as a lecturer in the Water Resources Engineering Department, Universitas Brawijaya from 2014.


Modelling of Coastal Eco-geomorphological Change in a Vegetated Estuary


Beselly SM, van der Wegen M, Grueters U, Reyns J, Dijkstra J, Roelvink D. Eleven Years of Mangrove–Mudflat Dynamics on the Mud Volcano-Induced Prograding Delta in East Java, Indonesia: Integrating UAV and Satellite Imagery. Remote Sensing. 2021; 13(6):1084.

Teknik Pantai. Suprijanto, H, Beselly P, S. M. Universitas Brawijaya Press. 2017. ISBN 6024323719, 9786024323714

Other information


Mud Volcano Induced Seasonal Mangrove-Mudflat DynamicsNCK Days 2020 25-26 March 2021. Netherlands Centre for Coastal Research.

Retrieving Mangrove Biophysical Properties using Drone-Based Structure-from-Motion (SfM) Photogrammetry. AGU Fall Meeting 7-11 December 2020. American Geophysical Union

Dynamics of Mangroves in Porong Delta based on UAV SfM Photogrammetry, Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and Landsat in Google Earth Engine. The 14th IHE PhD Symposium 2020 7-8 October 2020. IHE Delft

Drone-Based 'Structure-from-Motion' (SfM) Photogrammetry Analysis of Mangrove Dynamics in the Prograding Delta in Porong, Indonesia. NCK Days 2020. Netherlands Centre for Coastal Research. (cancelled due to COVID-19) 

Modelling of Coastal Ecogeomorphological Change in a Vegetated Estuary. The  12th IHE PhD Symposium 2018 1-2 October 2018. IHE Delft


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