Selo Bhuwono Kahar

I can learn from the best, in the best place to learn

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So far what have been the highlights of your study?
At IHE Delft I am studying Water Resources Management. In this programme I learn how to manage water, not just from the physical perspective as I have learned from my Bachelor Degree, but also taking into account other stakeholders and governance aspects. This has helped open my mind , because it is something that I had little knowledge about before I went to IHE Delft.

 Why did you pick IHE Delft for your studies?
My Bachelor Degree is in Water Resources Engineering and I am working at the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Indonesia. There I am employed in a River Basin Organization in the Central Java Province, which is responsible for water resources management in the area. This background and work that I have done enticed me to do more for my ministry and my country in general. Also I have seen that in Indonesia, water management professionals need to gain more insight from other countries, because the current system is still evolving. The Netherlands is known throughout the world to have one of the best water management systems and since IHE Delft is focusing on water management education, it is a perfect match for me - I can learn from the best, in the best place to learn.

Do you know what you will be doing afterwards?
As a public servant in Indonesia, it is essential to achieve the best and highest degree possible, in order to be as efficient as possible to help the development of bureaucracy, especially within my working environment.

I am extremely keen to make the best of what I have learnt here and to use it in any working environment that I encounter when I got back home. I now have a personal mission to spread the mind-set that I have gained here to my colleagues back in Indonesia and hopefully, my vision of efficient water management will become a reality someday.

What is it like to live in Delft? Do you like the atmosphere?
Life in Delft is enjoyable. Delft is a small city with very friendly neighbourhoods and very suitable for an educational environment, because it is very quiet and there are several educational institutions here. Furthermore, there are many students from all over the world and I enjoy this universal atmosphere very much.

Would you recommend IHE Delft to prospective students?
IHE Delft is the best place to learn about how water is planned, developed and managed in all aspects. I would recommend it to anyone who is curious and wishes to be a water pioneer in their country!


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