Short Courses

IHE Delft conducts a wide range of short, intensive and highly specialized courses which are aimed at upgrading and refreshing the knowledge and skills of mid-career professional and senior experts.

Short courses are meant for professionals – or groups of professionals – with a specific area of interest and a limited amount of time. The focus and content of short courses vary from specialised and technical matters to challenges and approaches in management. Didactical methods used in these short courses include lectures, individual or group exercises in the classroom, behind the computer, or in the laboratory.

Fieldwork, excursions and field visits to relevant sites often are a part of a short course, allowing the participants to come into contact with practical examples of the theory offered. Through case studies, role-plays and workshops, content is made more interactive, and experience that the participants already have is shared.

Admission Criteria

You should at least have a Bachelor Degree in a relevant field of study, some years of working experience and a good command of the English language.


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For several short courses ECTS credit points can be earned. Credit points can only be earned if  you take part in the assessment of the short course and obtain a pass mark. If you return to IHE Delft within 4 years after completion of the short course to follow a full MSc programme, you may receive exemption for this short course/module.  Taking part in the assessments is not compulsory. The additional costs for an assessment are € 250.

If you wish to take part in the assessment, you are adviced to consult the applicable course coordinator for the exact method and timing of the assessment.. 

Tailor-made training

Read more about tailor made training here.


Discounts on the tuition fee of online and short courses apply to the following:

  • 30% for IHE Delft Diploma alumni
  • 10% for UN family staff members
  • 10% for groups of 5 or more (provided that the course starts at the same time and a group application has been sent)

Discounts cannot be combined.


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Name changes

The following courses have a new name from 2020 onwards:

  • "Planning and Delivery of Flood Resilience" into "Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in Deltas"

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