Silvia Bentancur Caballero

PhD candidate


Silvia Bentancur Caballero holds an Industrial Engineering Degree from the Faculty of Engineering and Technologies, Catholic University of Uruguay, in Montevideo, Uruguay. Her thesis was awarded with the ECO_Logicas Price of the IDEAL Institute (Brazil) for the best Uruguayan degree project in renewable energy in 2011. Later on she received a Grant from the Uruguayan Research and Innovation Agency (ANII) to pursue her MSc. degree which obtained (cum laude) on Municipal Water and Infrastructure (specialization on Sanitary Engineering) from the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, in Delft, The Netherlands. She published a book chapter regarding her Master experimental work in a pulp mill industry wastewater treatment plant in collaboration with PhD C. Lopez Vazquez, PhD H. Garcia Hernandez and Prof D. Brdanovic.

Starting in 2014, Msc. Bentancur is working as full-time assistant professor at the Catholic University of Uruguay, in the industrial engineering group, unfolding her research and teaching duties. She has also performed consulting work in the Uruguayan industry and worked as consulting engineering in a ANII supported project for the generation and strengthening of technology services, especially for dairy farms wastewater treatment for COLAVECO, Colonia, Uruguay. From 2016, Silvia is responsible for the Academic Coordination for the Industrial Engineering degree.

Her main professional, academic and research interests focus on:

Industrial wastewater treatment

Chemical and biological phosphorous removal from wastewater

Mathematical modelling of wastewater treatment systems

Research Summary

Silvia Bentancur Caballero is a PhD fellow in Environmental Engineering and Water Technology Department at IHE-Delft conducting her PhD research in a sandwich modality Uruguay-The Netherlands. Since 2016, she has been conducting research on the topic "Plant-wide modelling of pulp mill wastewater treatment plant in Uruguay".

She was awarded a grant by the Uruguayan Research and Innovation Agency (ANII), in collaboration with UPM pulp mill in Uruguay and Catholic University of Uruguay to carry out her doctoral studies, which started in 2016 at UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

Her research aims at better understanding the physico-chemical and biological processes at a pulp mill wastewater treatment plant in Uruguay. A plant-wide modelling approach will be applied to describe and optimize the performance of the wastewater treatment plant. Even though modelling the performance of wastewater treatment plant regarding physico-chemical parameters has extensively carried out, still there is a need for the development and application of the models for industrial wastewater treatment; specifically, for modelling pulp mill effluents.


Book chapter, Silvia Bentancur, C.M. Lopez - Vazquez, Model-based evaluation of a pulp mill WWTP in Uruguay, 2015, Book: Damir Brdjanovic, S.C.F Meijer, C.M. Lopez-Vazquez, C.M. Hooijmans, Mark C.M. van Loosdrecht, Applications of activated sludge models, ISSN/ISBN: 9781780404639.

Eco-Logic-Mercosur monography contest on renewable energies and energetic efficiency, prized works - Institute for development of alternative energies in Latin America, Florianopolis: Communication Quorum, 2012,156p. CDU: 620.9.

Other information

On October 2017, Silvia received an Excellent Poster Award presented at the PhD Symposium 2017, IHE-Delft: Climate Extremes & Water Management Challenges.


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