Solving water resources problems with the aid of high-performance computing

  • 16 Jun 2022 - 17 Jun 2022
  • 09:00
Western Europe
IHE Delft

SURF is a cooperative association of Dutch educational and research institutions in which the members combine their strengths. The recent infrastructure of SURF will be presented to PhD candidate, MSc students and researchers working in water resources. A hackathon for users who want to create their own applications in the SURF Research Cloud catalog is part of the event.

The increase in applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in water resources has led to the common use of supercomputers and machines that can perform large computational calculations in a very short time. Many problems nowadays have more data and are aiming at optimal solutions, less uncertainty and a larger number of scenarios. This makes SURFsara an important High-Performance Computing (HPC) facility in the Netherlands, and one of the largest in the world. Recently, the experience of PhD candidate and researchers has shifted to these new systems and allowed new ideas and projects in water resources to develop.

More information about SURF.

Guests speakers: Alex Hosseini Alhashemi (SURF), Carsten Shelp (SURF) and Thomas van Himbergen (SURF)
IHE Delft speakers: Dr. Gerald Corzo, Dr. Claudia Bertini, MSc. Mohammed Elbasheer, MSc. Andres Ruiz, MSc. Laura Garzon, MSc. Clara Corzo, PhD candidate Xiaoyi Wang, PhD candidate Enya Roseli, PhD candidate Adele Young, PhD candidate Santiago Duarte

Seminar programme

  • June 16: Introduction of SURF and SURF Research Cloud. The morning session covers the latest experiences of IHE Delft in using HPC. The afternoon session is a SURF training workshop on the use of SURF Research Cloud (for a limited number of participants).
  • June 17: The morning session introduces current HPC applications at IHE Delft and a forum led by a SURF expert. In the afternoon session, the SURF Research Cloud training will continue.

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