Sospeter Wekesa

I like that Hydrology and Water Resources is not only based on books, but that our professors also tell us about real-life situations and explain how we can apply these.''

Sub-Saharan Africa
Kenya Sub-Saharan Africa

Sospeter Wekesa is from Kenya. ‘’I decided to study in the field of water, because water is core to everything in life, it is essential. 

‘’The first time I heard about IHE Delft was in 2011, when I met an alumni in the Western part of Kenya. I was interested and through online search I found out more about the Institute. The second time was when I worked at an engineering consulting firm in the private sector. When I expressed an interest in hydrology during a discussion with my supervisor, he proposed that I study at IHE Delft. The third time I heard about the Institute was when I met a hydrologist who asked me about my interest in pursuing a Masters, he himself had studied at IHE Delft between ’87 and ’88. I also saw that many papers in the water sector have been written by professors from the Institute and it generally sounded like a good place to study. So I applied and was successfully granted a scholarship by NFP.”

‘’The teaching style is different from what I am used to, but I like it. Not only is the study at IHE Delft based on books but the professors also make use of real-life situations and explaining how to apply these.’’

‘’One reason for chosing IHE Delft over other institutes is the motivations from the alumni. The programmes are also structured in such a manner that they offer various specialisations.’’

‘’A benefit of studying here, is that this is the largest postgraduate water institute in the world. Furthermore, I get to interact with people from all over the world: Asia, Latin-America, Europe and Africa. I am able to develop networks and contacts with people from different continents sharing information on various aspects.’’

Sospeter on the introduction week: ‘’The first week was fun. The weather was very different as compared to Kenya which is in the tropics. I was surprised upon my arrival at Schiphol that the weather was sunny, yet the temperatures were very low. During the first week I got to know a lot of people from different backgrounds and I participated in all the activities that were organized. I now know lots of students and I have realized is that you cannot successfully complete your studies at IHE Delft without talking to people.‘’

On life in Delft: ‘’There are canals everywhere in Delft. It is a nice place to be and I like the people in Delft too.’’
‘’I want to work in a research institute eventually because that is where I believe my contribution to water sector will be of high impact. When I finish my Masters, I hope to pursue a PhD, if I have the opportunity.‘’

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