Collaborative action to support water and sanitation solutions in the Middle East

14 December 2018

A regional project funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and managed by the IHE Delft Partnership Programme for Water and Development (DUPC2) that seeks innovative solutions to sanitation and water challenges in Palestinian refugee camps in both Jordan and Palestine is launched. The project title is “WASAR – Water and Sanitation solutions to the refugees: two cases from Jordan and Palestine”. WASAR is a collaborative effort between Birzeit University in Palestine – Dr. Maher Abu Madi, and Al-Balqa Applied University in Jordan – Dr. Naser Almanaseer.

To finalize the project formulation and launch the project, a two-days Inception Workshop was held in Jordan at Al-Balqa Applied University (12-13 December, 2018). The Inception Workshop was held under the paronage of Prof. Dr. Saed Dababneh, Dean of Scientific Research at Al-Balqa Applied University, with the presence of project team members from Jordan and Palestine, major stakeholders, and interested students as well. From IHE Delft, DUPC2 Committe Member Dr. Nirajan Dhakal partcipated in the workshop.

Dr. Maher Abumadi presented the scope of the project, its action plan, opportunities and challenges, and the way forward. The project team discussed planned outputs and outcomes of the project, including positive impacts on the refugees, basically the possible enhancement on sanitation and community resilience. Stakeholders and students enriched the discussion, and added excellent suggestions to improve the outcomes of this project.

In addition, a one-day field visit to Ghaza Refugees Camp near Jerash was conducted to validate the relevance of the developed action plan. The team discussed the project with people in the camp, and together explored possible interventions to help improve the sanitation level. Eventually, the project aims at developing a replicable approach for rainwater harvesting, and wastewater treatment options and piloting this model in both Jordan and Palestine.

Finally, the project team extended their appreciation to all professionals and students who had contributed to this interesting inception workshop. Special thanks to the DUPC2 Team and Committee Members at IHE Delft for their continous support, and to the Dutch Government for their financial support.

Click here for an article by the Jordan Times on WASAR inception workshop. 


This article was written by Dr. Naser Almanaseer, DUPC2 Regional Committee Member for the Middle East. 



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