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23 May 2019

IHE Delft offers high‐quality online courses in an increasing number of topics of interest in the water sector. The innovative delivery format makes learning interactive, more flexible and effective. One of the characteristics of DUPC2 is to support and work together with partners in the fields of education and training. Early in January a new online training course was developed by Nelson Ribeiro Jorge, on designing and planning an online course, and offered to IHE Delft partners under the DUPC2 programme.

Designing online course

For this course, participants had to design an online course and plan its development and implementation, interact with course participants by sharing ideas and providing feedback DUPC2 supported the training by funding the participation of the partners interested in attending the online course. Additionally, an important aspect of this course is to further institutional initiatives in online education to increase its impact.

Participation of Students

Through the duration of the course, students were encouraged to actively participate on debates for each activity and to share their views and personal experiences related to the topic with each other. To keep the discussion flowing, it was needed at least 8 to 10 people, “for the reason that with this amount of students there can be different points of view over the same situation, as they share and explain their opinions and experiences”, said Nelson.

One of the participants, Ms. Adys Soedjono, explained that she has decided to take this course because she is currently developing her own online course for CKNet, a knowledge network based in Indonesia, which has previously worked with IHE Delft in other projects. In this course she learned how to adequately plan and design her own online course, using the Digital Learning Toolkit, provided by Nelson. “The knowledge I obtain from this course is directly applied to the process and work”, said Adys. In addition, together with CKNet, Ms. Adys is producing their own material for a face-to-face learning programmes for water professionals. The idea is to transform the material they have for F2F (face-to-face) into online material on Integrated Flood Risk Management.

Future Online Training Courses

There are going to be more opportunities for partners under Education & Training in the future, so keep an eye on the website! To check the online course mentioned above, designed by Nelson Jorge, click here. To learn about free courses supported by DUPC2, click here and to know more about other online courses offered by IHE, click here.

This story was written by Deborah Martina Lemos Correa, DUPC2 intern from January - May 2019, in collaboration with Adys Soedjono, from CKNet, Indonesia.


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