StuNed Scholarship Programme

Are you an ambitious professional from Indonesia, working in the water sector? Apply now for a StuNed scholarship at the world's largest water education facility; IHE Delft. The 16th edition of the StuNed programme focuses on excellence and five priority areas, including water management and food security.

The StuNed Scholarship programme can support you to study in the Netherlands for a Master’s degree or Short course. This year there will be a special focus on excellence and specific priority areas in the bilateral cooperation between the Netherlands and Indonesia.

StuNed (Study in the Netherlands) aims to support the development of Indonesia through strengthening its human resources.  Additionally, the scholarship programme facilitates contacts between people and organisations from the Netherlands and Indonesia. There are five priority areas of StuNed, namely water management, food security, economic sector, judicial sector, and human rights. 

How to get selected?
StuNed welcomes applications from all talented Indonesian citizens. The selection of candidates is mainly based on: excellence (academic excellence, career path, awards and other noteworthy achievements) and the abovementioned priority areas in the bilateral cooperation. Indy Hardono, Neso scholarship coordinator stated, “The goal of the StuNed selection committee is to select the very best Indonesians who study or work in a relevant field. This competitive scholarship programme is looking for Indonesia’s future leaders.”


In order to be eligible to apply for StuNed, you need to possess an (unconditional) Letter of Admission from IHE Delft. Since the application deadlines for StuNed is: 31 March 2017 for Master’s programmes, you are encouraged to start to apply as soon as possible to give us time to process your application. For Master's Programmes this takes at least ten days, depending on the quality and completeness of your application. 

Please be attentive to the fact that you can apply for a scholarship for only one course or programme per deadline. Being admitted to more than one programme does not mean that you can apply for more than one scholarship. You will have to select one programme before applying for a scholarship.

Eligible MSc Programmes

All Delft Based Specializations of our MSc Programmes are eligible.

  • start date: October 2016
  • StuNed Deadline: 31 March 2017 - Apply at IHE Delft before 15 March 2017
  • Select programme and apply at MSc Programmes

Eligible Short Courses

All Short Courses at IHE Delft are eligible.

  • start date: various start dates
  • StuNed Deadline: 1 September 2017
  • Select course and apply at Short Courses

NESO Indonesia

For more information about the StuNed scholarship visit the website of NESO Indonesia:


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