New approaches for dikes, vertical walls, storm walls and admissible overtopping

Symposium on EurOtop

  • 10 Sep 2014
  • 10:00 - 15:00
  • UNESCO-IHE, Westvest 7, Auditorium
Western Europe
Delft, The Netherlands

On 10 September 2014, UNESCO-IHE organizes a symposium on the Update of the EurOtop Manual on wave overtopping. An update and extension of the 2007 “Wave Overtopping of Sea Defences and Related Structures - Assessment Manual” will include new inputs from European partners.The symposium is followed by the Inaugural Address of Prof. Jentsje van der Meer.

Understanding future changes in flood risk, from waves overtopping seawalls and other structures, is a key requirement for the effective management of coastal defences. One major step forward has been the production of the European Overtopping Manual, providing guidance on the design of coastal defences.

The main author team comprising experts in the field of overtopping from several European countries will be represented at the Symposium to provide insights into the major improvements of the updated manual.


09.30 hrs Registration, coffee

10.00 hrs Presentation of the author team and introduction to the update. Prof. William Allsop, HR Wallingford, UK

10.15 hrs Smooth slopes: dikes up to vertical walls. New formulae including zero freeboard and very steep slopes. Prof. Jentsje van der Meer, UNESCO-IHE, NL

10.45 hrs Coffee

11.05 hrs Promenades and storm walls. Effective measures to reduce overtopping. Prof. Julien de Rouck, Ghent University, BE

11.35 hrs Vertical structures. New formulae and coherent system on impulsive and pulsating waves. Dr Tom Bruce, University of Edinburgh, UK

12.05 hrs Lunch

13.15 hrs Admissible overtopping. Linked movies on overtopping behaviour. Prof. Jentsje van der Meer, UNESCO-IHE, NL

13.40 hrs Reliability, application of formulae. Deterministic and probabilistic approaches. Prof. Andreas Kortenhaus, Ghent University, BE

14.00 hrs Advances in neural networks for predictions. Dr Barbara Zanuttigh, Delft University, NL and University of Bologna, IT

14.30 hrs Discussions, closing of symposium. Prof. William Allsop, HR Wallingford, UK

15.00 hrs Break

16.00 hrs Inaugural address 'From test to practice' by Jentsje van der Meer, Professor of Coastal Structures and Ports

16.45 hrs Reception


Costs for participating in the symposium are € 125, including coffee, lunch and background papers. For students free of charge.


Registration is now closed.


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