Tatiana Acevedo Guerrero

Senior Lecturer/Researcher in Politics of Sanitation and Wastewater Governance


Tatiana Acevedo Guerrero is a geographer with a background in political studies. She holds the position of Lecturer and Researcher in Politics of Sanitation and Wastewater Governance at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. The research of Tatiana focuses on the interactions between urban water flows, infrastructure, and communities, in the context of rapid unplanned growth and uneven development in cities of the global South. 

She is concerned with the different relationships and histories that are reflected in access to (and exclusion from) water supply, sanitation, and drainage. Her research documents the ways in which residents of different neighbourhoods make water flow – not only to access (or store) drinkable water, but also to make other waters (human excreta, household wastewater and storm water) leave.

Her work also recognizes the entanglements between different infrastructures such as drainage, water supply, sanitation, solid waste collection, and electricity. For in the context of southern cities, where many infrastructures are characterized by long term breakdown and poor maintenance, infrastructures tend to be deeply intertwined because if one breakdowns the others will probably follow.

Tatiana’s most recent research has a comparative approach and is ongoing in Maputo and Pemba (Mozambique) and Barranquilla (Colombia). It investigates the connections between intermittent water supply, water storage practices, and Aedes aegypti.  Through ethnographic and archival work, the project aims to describe the historical legacies and daily routines that link communities, stored water, and mosquitoes and understand what they might tell us about cities in the South.       

While her work comes under the sub-disciplines of political ecology and urban studies, it also examines a broad range of questions related to socio-technical networks, state formation, and citizenship.


Articles in Refereed Journals

Furlong, Kathryn, Carre, Marie Noelle, and Tatiana Acevedo Guerrero. Urban service provision: Insights from pragmatism and ethics. Environment and Planning A. 0(0): 1-13.


Acevedo Guerrero, Tatiana, Kathryn Furlong and Jeimy Arias. 2015. “Water supply development in the context of a weak state: Colombia 1909-2012”. International Journal of Water Resources Development. 


Other Publications (non-refereed)

Acevedo Guerrero, Tatiana, Jeimy Arias y Kathryn Furlong. 2015. “Regulacion del agua en el contexto de un estado debil: Colombia 1909 - 2013. Presentacion de la base de datos”. (Water regulation in the context of the South: Colombia 1909 - 2013 - Presentation of the database). Montreal. 

http://U. d. Montreal http://www.urbanwater.ca/english/research/water-development/

Gutierrez, Francisco, Tatiana Acevedo Guerrero, Juan Viatela. 2007. « Violent liberalism? State, conflict, and political regime 1930-­2006 », Working Paper no. 19, Crisis States Programme, Working papers series no. 2. London: DESTIN ­ London School of Economics. 




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