Thematic Alumni event | Colombia

Water, Food and Gender

Course information

Location: Bogota, Colombia
Date: 13 - 14 June 2017
Topic: Water, Food and Gender
Coordinators: Dr. Tatiana Acevedo Guerrero and Dr. Leonado Alfonso
Counterpart: Netherlands Alumni Association Colombia, Holland House and the Academic Research Partnership
Open to: Alumni from Colombia and Peru

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In the past decade, Colombia has experienced catastrophic floods associated with the global intensification of the La Nina phenomenon. In the cities, persistent rains and flash-flooding events have influenced the emergence of vector-borne diseases such as Dengue, Chikungunya, and most recently, Zika. The solution to these challenges requires, among other efforts, structured discussions about interactions between global climate change, water and gender in the context of contemporary Colombia.  

This two-day event, which will bring together Latin-American alumni, scholars and different stakeholders, is structured in two main sessions:

1) consequences of climate change in rural landscapes, including food security and 

2) urban water/gender intersections. Both sessions will highlight the ways in which water production and evacuation reflect wider tensions - of gender, race, and class formation - in the country’s society. 

During the sessions participants will listen to talks by experts on the topics, from IHE Delft or from other national and international institutions, followed by plenary discussion sessions where the debate will be framed within the current challenges that Colombia is facing in the context of post-conflict and inequality. During this plenary session opportunities for future projects, education and capacity development will be identified.

The general event is accompanied by social events, to promote interaction between alumni, the ARP experts and representatives of the organisations identified by the HH.

One outcome of the event is a list of actions regarding potential education and research projects, capacity building topics and business opportunities to be addressed in future events or projects. This list of actions will be worked out separately in each session, discussed in the plenary session and shared online with all the participants, NAAC, HH organisations and ARP experts. 


The event seeks to stimulate the setup and maintenance of networks about the topic and create clearer links between alumni, local practitioners and researchers, and experts from IHE Delft and other relevant Dutch organisations. In this regard, the idea is to bring together alumni, experts and practitioners around the topic of water, in particular the cross cutting themes of climate change, food security and gender.

Prospective participants

The target group focuses on NFP alumni from Colombia and the region, who have studied water related subjects. Two other sub-groups will be targeted: 1) alumni and partners working with projects related to Food Security and 2) alumni and partners working with projects focusing on/related to Gender. 50% of the participants will be female. The organizing team composition, with a female leader, reflects principles of inclusiveness and gender and strives for female empowerment in terms of increasing visibility and opportunities of Colombian women scholars.

Scholarships for Thematic Alumni Events

The Netherlands Government has made full Scholarships for a minimum of 20 participants available for each thematic alumni event. Importantly, the scholarship for alumni events it is not an NFP fellowship, (which means you are still able to apply for a Short Course, Refresher Course or other programme this year). 

This (TAE) scholarship includes:

- train, bus or air travel (economy class) from the candidate's nearest international airport to the thematic alumni event country or place and vice versa. Please note that travel costs to reach the airport in your home country will not be reimbursed. 

- transfer from the airport to hotel and vice versa; 

- health insurance;

- accommodation, including meals, for the duration of the event.


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