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Thematic Alumni Event of Indonesia on Water harvesting for agriculture development toward climate changes and food security in Indonesia (WAHAD)

Course information

Topic: Water harvesting for agriculture development toward climate changes and food security in Indonesia (WAHAD)
Location: Malang, East Java. Indonesia 
Date: 3, 4 and 5 May 2017
Coordinator: Dr. F Suryadi 
Partner Institution: Brawijaya University, Coordinator: Dr. Sholichin
Open to: alumni living in Indonesia and Vietnam. Application Deadline 26 February 2017

Event concluded, read article here


The event aims to link and  strengthen the network between alumni, EP-NUFFIC, UNESCO-IHE and water related business community in Indonesia and in Vietnam. It will focus on water harvesting and also the role of woman in operation and maintenance of water management systems, which is relevant for Indonesia and Vietnam. The event will link and integrate water harvesting techniques, climate changes, food security and female participation. What are the potentials, constraints and possible solutions and how to proceed it related to this topic. 

The workshop will facilitate to disseminate the knowledge about water harvesting related to agriculture development towards climate changes. To set up networking, discuss a bit more about the present UNESCO-IHE, water related business community network in Indonesia and in Vietnam and also seeing the problems, potentials, constraints and how to consider possible measures and solutions for that. The content and the way it will be conducted, aim an active participation of all participants. The programme will be composed by thematic sessions, a field visit, networking activities and an alumni gathering.

Thematic programme

Session 1: General introduction to the event, how to improve the communications between UNESCO-IHE, their alumni, water related business community in the related countries. A special presentation is planned which will be given by a Dutch consultant (Witteveen+Bos Indonesia) who is active in Indonesia in the water related projects.

Session 2: Water harvesting and Climate changes, their effect to agriculture development. The uncertainty comes both from the unpredictable nature of the floods (too much rain water in rainy seasons) and drought (too little water in dry seasons). Presentation will be given by alumni from Indonesia, Vietnam and UNESCO-IHE.

Session 3: The woman's role in the development and communication with inhabitants and related stakeholders (participatory approach) to execute a proper operation, maintenance and dissemination of flood management related to food crops irrigation. A successful example of the woman's role in flood management in Palembang (South Sumatra) will be discussed.

Session 4: Water management systems related to climate changes and water harvesting in agriculture areas, especially related to design, operation and maintenance of the water management systems (lectures and discussions).

Session 5: For the case study, Dr. F.X. Suryadi (UNESCO-IHE) and Dr. Sholichin (Brawijaya University) and another expert from the Ministry of Public Works of Indonesia will guide the discussion. 


  • to create and to improve the link or network between alumni, EP-NUFFIC, UNESCO-IHE and water related business community in Indonesia and in Vietnam;
  • to learn the role of female participation knowledge and knowhow in water harvesting towards climate changes and food security;
  • to disseminate the recent experience, knowledge, development and state of the art in water harvesting related to food crops security,  and climate changes resilience in relation to food security;
  • to present the potential and business of water related things in Indonesia which will be presented by one of the Dutch consultants (W+B Indonesia) who has a successful business in Indonesia;
  • to introduce water harvesting subject in the curriculum of Brawijaya University;
  • to give feedbacks for improving the related courses MSc program in UNESCO-IHE.

Prospective participants

The target group focuses on alumni involved in land and water development in delta areas from Indonesia and Vietnam. UNESCO-IHE has a large number of alumni in both countries being Indonesia the country with the largest number of UNESCO-IHE alumni. The event aim to have 25 participants,  at least 50% female alumni, to have a gender balance event.  Alumni need to be NFP scholars from Indonesia or Vietnam.

Scholarships for Thematic Alumni Events

The Netherlands Government has made full Scholarships for a minimum of 20 participants available for each thematic alumni event. Important, the scholarship for alumni events it is not an NFP fellowship. Because of that you will be able to apply immediately for NFP follow a Short Course, Refresher Course or other programme. 

These scholarship include:

  • train or bus or air travel (economy class) from the nearest international airport  from the candidate’s home country  to the thematic alumni event country or place and vice versa. Please note that travel costs made to reach the airport in your home country will not be reimbursed. From Jakarta or Surabaya there are night trains or busses  available to Malang City;
  • transfer from the airport to hotel and vice versa. No other travel costs are refunded;
  • health insurance for participants coming from abroad;
  • accommodation, including meals, for the duration of the event.

Scholarship Eligibility

You can apply for scholarship if you fit the following criteria. You:

  • are a national of, and work and live in Indonesia or Vietnam;
  • received your Postgraduate Diploma course, Master of Engineering, Master of Science or PhD degree or attended a short course or online course at IHE Delft or other Dutch Educational Institution;
  • studied on an NFP fellowship;
  • Alumni involved in land and water development in delta areas from Indonesia and Vietnam will have priority.

Application Procedure

  • Select the thematic Alumni event you would like to enroll;
  • Once you have chosen your preferred course, access the online application form through the ‘click here to apply for this course’ link on that course’s web page;
  • Fill out the form and upload your CV and a copy of your passport;
  • By selecting 'scholarship' in the question 'how do you intend to pay for the course', you will automatically apply for a NFP fellowship, IHE Delft will handle this;
  • Submit your information. IHE Delft will now receive your information digitally and you will receive an automated e-mail message confirming your application and listing all your submitted information;
  • After the application deadline, IHE Delft makes a selection of all applicants and sends a proposal to NUFFIC. After NUFFIC's approval, IHE Delft will inform the selected candidates by email. One month before the start of the course, all applicants will be informed about the outcome of the selection.



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